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Banner Designer Pro can be used to make professional looking website banners
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Banner Designer Pro is probably the most feature-rich and comprehensive banner creation tool that one can find. Its large number of supported features and functions is truly impressive. Thanks to its comprehensiveness, you will be able to create professional-looking banners that suit your needs and your ideas in every little detail. Despite being so complete and capable, Banner Designer Pro manages to keep things simple and easy, allowing even unexperienced users to create complex banner in a simple and intuitive manner, either by making use of the many handy available templates, or simply by taking advantage of the fact that the interface of this app is truly intuitive and straightforward. Users don't need to have any design or programming knowledge in order to effectively use this tool.

Banner Designer Pro can save the created banners in many file formats, including animated GIFs, static GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP or TIFF images, Flash SWF video files with the corresponding HTML file that contains the code to be embedded into your webpages, PDF documents, and even AVI videos. The banners will be fully compatible with Google Adwords.

A really interesting feature offered by Banner Designer Pro is the possibility to “rotate” the banners, meaning multiple banners can be shown alternatively, in the same place on the webpage, using the same pattern. Each toggled banner can redirect the user to a different URL, when clicked upon. The users can fully customize the banners to their liking, choosing any backgrounds, colors and iamges they prefer, and also applying filters and effects of all kinds.

Banner Designer Pro also features a neat and handy color code picker, a symbol library, a collection of predefined preloaders, and many other more.

To conclude, Banner Designer Pro is a great choice to quickly and easily create amazing-looking banners. It's both easy to use and comprehensive, and its flaws are small and insignificant (the interface will always be shown in full screen mode and it cannot be resized or moved around, and the price might seem a bit high to some users).

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows creating banners that "rotate" (multiple banners shown in the same layout, consecutively)
  • Can output to many file formats
  • Includes a color picker
  • Allows applying filters and effects to the images of the banner


  • Full screen only - the interface cannot be resized or moved around
  • Pricey
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